Wednesday, June 28, 2006


How many of you are hiding a drug habit? And I don't mean an occasional bump off your friend's key at LAX or a mushroom you shoved inside your underwear and tripped on while dancing to Gnarls Barkley at Coachella. I mean a REAL habit - a hiding in the bathroom, stoned at work, vodka in your coffee kind of habit. Something that has taken over your daily lives and that you argue with inside your head. A habit that has become a person more real than you are, with a personality, a particular, louder laugh, a different sleep pattern, an assertive phone manner.

And though you hate that person, he (or she) is always stronger, funnier, sexier than you. You may try to stake a claim, but he (or she) will win every argument, and leave you slinking away to the corner. It's where you belong, anyway; everyone likes him (or her) better.

At least that's what I think. Who do you like better?

All Apologies

I apologize for my absense... I have several excuses. You may take your pick:

a) I have had to attend too many weddings in states that are not my own, often wearing technicolor bridesmaids gowns in woefully unflattering styles

b) I started a new diet and have been extremely grumpy and uninspired

c) I began to wonder if maybe this whole "blog fad" had run it's course - that my ramblings had become insipid and pedestrian

d) I've been doing too much coke

I'm sure you can all guess the answer:

E) All of the above!

If anyone is out there, thanks for listening... I'll be back...