Saturday, September 23, 2006

Another Saturday night...

I know it's somewhat against blog etiquette to post on Saturdays. Most people are out and about, far away from their computers. Prime blogging time, as I understand it, is during work hours... unfortunately, I don't have the kind of job where I am able to blog (that "coked-up" part of my user name in bold letters across the top of the screen being a big part of it!) so I am stuck writing at home. The so-called "off-hours" I suppose, after work and on weekends.

Well anyway, it's Saturday night and I'm staying in. I feel as if this need to be in front of my TV with a bottle of champagne on weekends is a symptom of getting older. And I mean getting older in the good sense... (yes, I've chosen to look at it as a positive!) In the sense that I've become more discerning about my time. I much prefer to go out on weeknights when the bars and shows are less crowded and the LA equivalent of the bridge and tunnel brigade (would that be Orange or Riverside counties?) are not out in full force. I actually luxuriate in my Saturday nights at home... everyone else is out, in the pursuit of that proverbial "good time Saturday night," waiting in line for clubs that blare bad music, or paying $15 dollars for a tiny martini, surrounded by girls with back tattoos and guys who wave their keys for their leased BMW at you in hopes of drawing you in... and here I am, with 3 (! I saved them) Netflix movies, Thai takeout, and a bottle of champagne. What sounds better to you?

(And I DO have plans for brunch tomorrow... just in case you were wondering if I actually have friends at all...)