Thursday, June 26, 2008

Hiatus - Explanation Part 2

And the second reason I haven't written... well the title of this blog is "Confessions of a Coked Up Hipster." And I haven't done cocaine now in over 6 months. So there's that. More to come.

Hiatus - Explanation Part 1

So it's been a long time (over a year and a half!) since I've last posted here. I'm assuming the small readership I may have amassed has long since abandoned this site for more prolific pastures. I suppose there are a few reasons why I have not written. First and foremost, there is the fact that I have about 10 unfinished "drafts" languishing in my dashboard that I have never posted. Anyone who has enjoyed the "joy" of writing + cocaine must be familiar with this phenomenon - the rush of inspiration, the burst of creative writing energy... for the first hour at least. As the cocaine takes hold and you become higher and tweakier, this initial burst of unencumbered writing is followed by incessant, compulsive editing... obsession over the minutae of single words and phrases, until suddenly your hands are shaking, you look at the clock and you realize you've been trying to "perfect" the same sentence for over an hour. So, for that reason alone, I have not actually published anything here for over a year. I just plain couldn't finish anything to my satisfaction while high, and then as the next morning dawned, and I gazed at my computer, bleary eyed and headachey, beginning to face the horrid road of coming down, I would not have it in me anymore to even look at my posts... they seemed insipid, stupid, and embarassing. So there you have it.